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Greetings hero, I am Alex I have been running these improv dice-enhanced stories for a few years for people for quite some time roughly about 9 years all together, most of them being long-term games with the same players, longest being one and a half years long. I really enjoy incorporating my player character stories into the game world and letting them carve their character's name into the world all while creating amazing stories and developing the character's story further than what we came up with originally, seeing how they evolve.

GM style

I enjoy having a good time, lots of laughs, loads of dice rolling, and fun combat. You came to play a hero who is out on an an adventure we will go on and a story we will weave. Character voices: I do my best, I love doing them, may not be good at them, but hey I'm not pro-Voice Actor. Roleplay: Of course, this IS D&D right?! It all depends on y'all though, because I can talk to myself all day...but if your character is a stoic antisocial butthead who doesn't talk to his comrades or NPCs it's really hard to Roleplay with that. Combat: Yes! Get them bones ready to roll! Just know, I DO NOT want to kill my player's character! I will though if the choices you make lead to that, we all know if you poke a dragon enough they eat you. That said I try to always have an encounter ready for those bloodthirsty bunch of dice fiends.

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