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About me

Hey RPG-ers! Mt first love was Hockey. Born into a hockey family I started skating at 2 years old and was playing on my first team at 4. I continued this sport for the next 2 decades until after college when I didn't quite make it where I wanted and had to get a "real job". Along the way I learned that what I loved from the sport most was the team mentality and travelling. Of course these things are somewhat difficult to find in the adult world through work and professions so I've turned to video games and TTRPG's. I greatly enjoy open world adventures and RPG style games alongside playing D&D. Some of my favorites are ESO, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Destiny 2, and Borderlands. What's your favorite(s)? I'm relatively new to the scene of TTRPG's and VTT's. I started playing in my first D&D campaign with a couple friends a little over 4 years ago and was instantly hooked! Since then I've played in 5 other campaigns with several different groups ranging from 3-7 players and have GM'd three one-shots and 4 campaigns with friends and family mostly all home-brewed settings. I've exclusively played 5e since that's what I was introduced with and has been the current D&D edition since I started playing. I love teaching new players about the game (as I had to teach each of my family members that I had convinced to play) and generally have a relaxed GM style where as long as we're all having fun together then anything is possible. My favorite games to run are when the players become one with their characters and have creatively crafted back stories and ultimate goals that they want to achieve that I can write into the campaigns as time goes on. I can run pre-written stories available through WoTC and DnDBeyond but also have my own home-brew personally written stories that I've crafted available for play as well. If you want to play a custom game aimed towards a particular story setting or story arch I'm entirely open for ideas and would love to craft a world with you! Now let's roll some dice!

GM style

I'm a relaxed style GM. My priority is hosting a fun and creative table where everyone feels included and crafting an enticing story that sucks you in and makes you feel invigorated and compelled to find out more! I love roleplay and having players/characters with ultimate goals they wish to accomplish alongside whatever is going on in the story. The characters are people within the world after all with there own goals and ambitions prior to whatever life altering or world altering event happened that sent them down this path or being a hero (or villain). I generally run games rules as written but do propose several home-brew variations that are subject to the group to decide how they want to play. I'm also open to any suggestions for other home-brew rules you may have used and enjoyed in previous games. All of these options we would discuss in Session 0. I make all of my own maps using Dungeon Alchemist presented on Owlbear Rodeo as my choice of VTT (Virtual Tabletop) and use Discord to chat with everyone from the group. I personally use a camera in Discord so you can see me as we play because I talk with my hands a lot and feel that it gets players more involved in the story. I don't require you to use a camera but you're more than welcome to in my server! Lastly, I'm not fantastic with character voices and usually can only manage 1-3 main character voices but I'm working on it so more to come as time goes on!

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