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Interested in having a chat? Add me on Discord: Fenris5879 My name is Fenris, and I am an educator in real life. In my free time though, I'm a gamer. I started playing D&D online a few years ago and fell in love with it. After a few campaigns I decided to become a GM because I prefer that role, the aspect of creation is fun for me. But! I couldn't just run campaigns out of worlds that someone else created, so I decided to create my own. That is part of the appeal of my game, there are mysteries to be uncovered. There is a fog of war that exists that you can't get playing Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, or Exandria. My World: The world of Eva'Rhon is a world that may look familiar by appearance but holds many differences when you scratch beneath the surface. The initial stories take place in a region called the Shattered Coast, an archipelago covered in forests and mountains. On the Shattered Coast, many races have different origins, dispositions, and motivations. Dragons are extremely rare and have different motivations than what people are used to. The origin of extra-planar beings (Gods, Demons, Devils, etc) is shrouded in mystery. Many people do not even believe they exist. So, religions do not follow named gods, but philosophies and ideals. In the common era, the world boasts no great empires or kingdoms. Instead, the world is broken down into cities, towns, villages, and various 'enclaves'. Society is interconnected by trade and common interests. Different areas have different rules including, but not limited to who they will trade with, who can practice magic, and even which domains can be worshipped. That being said, most 5e races and classes fit within the world with slight flavor changes. (I do run some games outside of my game world.)

GM style

Gameplay Style: I believe in mystery box gameplay, you know more or less what the character knows. Finding out the lore is part of the game and not common knowledge. As a level one character, even most of the politics would seem foreign to you. This style of gameplay is not for everyone, and that is ok. Since my world is a self-created sandbox, there are many competing plot arcs that are occurring in the world at a given time. There are different strands you can pull on. There are different choices you can make which will alter your experience in the world, or even change the world itself. Combat: I will be efficient, because I use many, many APIs on Roll20. I also pre-load my monsters and maps, so all of that is done before the session takes place. I do that to reduce downtime during the session. Challenging combat is the key to a good experience. My combats will be challenging, and you will be tested against a range of monsters both common and uncommon. Visuals: I love maps. If you play in my world, expect tons of maps. There will also be visual scene images, and well-done character representations/tokens. I have an Inkarnate and a Midjourney account to create those things custom. Extras: - Robust Downtime System - Prestige Classes and Levels - Custom 5e combat alterations (house rules) - Potential for Domain-Style play

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