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Damien he/him

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11 years
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11 years
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About me

I am a UK based GM with over a decade of experience in multiple systems. I love running roleplaying games for everyone and anyone, so whether you want to delve into the deepest dungeons or explore the vastness of space, I'm the GM for you. I want to share my love of Tabeltop RPGs and take groups of players from across the world on adventures through Science Fiction, Fantasy or both. - I have a paid Zoom account so players only need the free version. - I run encounters on Owlbear Rodeo which is also free. - I have a large collection of published adventures for several systems. - I also like to write my own adventures. - I have been running games for nearly ten years, particularly D&D 5e.

GM style

I am a keen roleplayer when it comes to NPCs and enemies, doing voices and sounds to bring them to life. I encourage (I do not demand) players to roleplay. I like to give detailed descriptions of visceral combat and encourage the same from players. I like to use sound and/or music wherever possible. I prefer more dramatic games but will always embrace comedy. I like to use some of the optional rules from the 5e DM's Guide.

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