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About me

Hello! I go by Fore in most circles and you can find me on @ontheforefronts on twitter. Few years ago, I did plenty of tabletop roleplaying content on Twitch and soon after my job as a horse groom ate up so much more of my time and energy that I had to choose livelihood over this passion I have for the hobby. Now that I'm more rooted in my schedule and realizing there's some gains I can make from giving folks a profound and fun experience with the games I enjoy Game Mastering, I'd like to invite you to create your character, become immersed in a world of wonder, and make friends along the way. Most of my ttrpg teeth was sharpened on Mouse Guard, a roleplaying game where players take on the role of mice who's duty is the protection of their fellow tiny fuzzy folks in a world that towers above them, and I still carry the principles of that game with me. Player characters are encouraged to fight for what they believe in and I as the Game Master ensure that not only are they challenged on these ideals they seek to embody, but reward them for proving themselves worthy or discovering a new belief to grow into. This is how a character focused story operates and I hope to make every campaign I run a story you'll want to pester people at DragonCon about. To be sure I'll be running D&D 5e and perhaps a handful of other games I'd really love to play! On that note there'll be a handful of house rules and rule of fun for the most part. Mostly all supplements are good but be aware that I'm just a gay boy trying to have fun and share that fun with a cool story we can all enjoy. I'll bring the smack down when encounters and conflicts call for it but I've run whole sessions with just snack scenes. Snack scenes are moments and scenes players just DO because they love their characters and the other imaginary people we roleplay that much. Also, um, I'm a he/him homosexual lover of games (Warframe, Runescape, & Evil Dead The Game), books (Will Wight's Cradle series is my #1), and using my pursuit of tracking US war crimes abroad and the struggle against fascism as handy tools in my campaigns for you to defy and dethrone. Also also, I'm a follower of The Satanic Temple and of their Seven Tenets. Generally, I'm aiming for Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to be my game days. Offering the homebrew campaign stuff to start but I've run Out of the Abyss MULTIPLE TIMES I LOVE IT and a few other homebrewed shenanigans. Oh hey review link >

GM style

I prioritize character focused story telling and immersive setting. Your characters will be given a world to forge their story in as well as a setting that will react to campaign events. I'm known for creating a diverse range of voices for NPC's and I'll use that for dramatic effect as well as a broad range of goofs. When I do bring combat I am usually overcome by the players because I very genuinely hate when a battle drags on towards failure by a thousand bleeding cuts. I'll avoid it as best I can while keeping things challenging. Just don't arm wrestle a bugbear before buying him a drink.


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