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What I love about DND is building a magical world full of wonder, dragons, and humor. I've always been a writer at heart. I love finding new and engaging ways to lead adventures through the maelstrom of my limitless imagination. It's legitimately one of my favorite activities. I've been running games since 2017(over 260 hours on Roll20!) after a life long obsession spurred from inheriting a set of 3.5e rulebooks from my dad. My game master specialties are coming up with cool magic items, monsters, and lore filled locations for my players to explore. My worlds are rich in flavor and brought to life by detailed sensory information. My games generally focus on exploration and combat. I run my games how I play, I am not focused on roleplay, but I also don't skip it. There's no pressure to put on a whole character voice at this table, not everyone enjoys that kind of thing. As far as rule of cool vs RAW(rules as written) I generally use a mix. If I don't like a rule I will likely find a homebrew workaround or create one that suits my needs. I love designing monsters and characters, and I worldbuild in my spare time. I've never run a module, I only just recently got the core rulebooks for Christmas 2021 because I'd been doing everything through the Internet. It was more of a formality. My original campaign setting(Dragod's Plane) is filled with dragons of every shape, size, and inspiration. I plan to PUBLISH a couple campaign setting/modules myself, I have no interest in running prewritten adventures. I am looking for players who love to explore unique locales and fight bizarre monsters!

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I enjoy making interesting encounters and locations to explore. I homebrew lots of magic items and monsters to try and shake things up from what players might be expecting. My original campaign is heavily dragon focused because I love creature design, it's my favorite thing to do.

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