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About me

Hey friends! I've been running ttrpgs for most of my life and I love it! I especially love GMing; its usually the role I play and I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy running open ended games where the story is what your character does, not something I've meticulously planned. I always have random tables ready to go, I enjoy being surprised as well! My partner and I often do art of my games (they did the red frog, I did those sprites!) so expect art of your characters!

GM style

As far as my DMing style goes, I'm pretty fluid, depending on the game and setting. I'm not so big on crunchy tactical combat, when I do feature it, I prefer quick and decisive rolls so old skool d&d scratches that itch. I like my games to have a lot of wonder and whimsy. I also utilise a lot of random tables in prep and during the game. I don't really gel with meticulously planned out 'plots', this is a group activity after all! The story is what your character does.


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