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Greetings and Bienvenue! My name is Marshall, I'm a simple man from England who has grown up on all the typical media- reading the works of Tolkien, Pratchett & Derek Landy. I grew up with a deep love for fantasy, mostly stemming from my father who would write me stories of trolls and dragons and send them to me through letters. I spent a lot of my youth drawing elaborate maps and scheming mighty epic novels; none of which have yet manifested. It wasn't until I was invited to a game of Dungeons & Dragons that I found a place of all this passion. I remember playing my first elf wizard, with none of us even understanding the rules yet bursting with laughter all the way- it was magic and I was hooked. Now I'm a little bit older, and more experienced. D&D has awakened so many more interests in me, for exploring all kinds of flavours of worldbuilding to a increasing obsession with maps. I wouldn't consider myself a veteran or some grandiose DM, but I have spent my time learning from my mistakes and others. I've seen it all: GMPCs, Extreme Railroading, DM vs Players. Everything has its place, but what I've come to love about this game of us, more then anything, is seeing the collective storytelling fly. I used to run games mainly IRL, but since COVID, I became invested in Online D&D and found my place in Foundry VTT; my personal evil lair of choice. I'm not sure what else to put, so I will simply put a stamp on that for now, and hopefully we'll get to speak in person.

GM style

I am personally deeply compelled by seeing the many ways players can affect the game world and adventures, even smaller adventures can be wildly different depending on some choices. I love witnessing players making these decisions and getting to see them ripple out and affect the game in ways I might not have even dreamed of beforehand. There is nothing more rewarding as a DM then seeing your players fall into your world and immerse themselves, enjoying themselves in whatever their doing; it could be a epic campaign to defeat the dark lord, or a small adventure about retrieving lost chickens. The collective storytelling is the heart of the game for me. Due to this, I would say I have a tendency to lean more into roleplay and exploration or world discovery, but recent games have sparked a new application for a nice, simply fist-fight with a undead lava-kraken.

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