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Are you a new player or group of players looking to learn Dungeons & Dragons? Are you a seasoned group who can't find a DM or whose DM needs a break? I'm here for you. Your Dungeon Master: My name is Shiah (yes, like Lebuff). I have been DMing for over 10 years. I strive to make games that fit my players. Some of my games are a bit goofier, while others have a bit more grit. I want to meet your group's needs. I come from a theater background, so I tend to lean into role play - character voices and cinematic music. For me, it's all about making a game that is fun, comfortable, and satisfying for your and your companions. What does it mean when you are paying to play? To me, it means you are paying for - not just the game itself - but my experience as a teacher, facilitator, and story teller. I take fun very seriously and have years of experience with creating a space where everyone can have fun, feel important, and get silly. Player Experience: I run games for seasoned players and first timers, alike. Are you new to D&D? No fear! I am very familiar with running games for people that have little to no experience with D&D. Some of my longest running groups started as people who knew nothing about the game before sitting at my table. I've run games for players as young as 8 and as old as 65. A Tailored Journey: If you are paying to play in one of my games, you won't just go on an adventure - you will have a completely personalized experience created specifically for your group. I prefer running games where there is a good amount of player agency so no two games of mine are alike. If your group has something special in mind, a particular theme or setting, I will work with you to meet those needs. Maybe you're yearning for a murder mystery or have always wanted to try a more "steam punk" game. Or maybe you just want some classic dungeon crawls, loaded up with puzzles, monsters, and ancient treasures of mysterious power. If you are looking for a DM that will cater an adventure to your group's experience level, social vibe, and gameplay aspirations, I might just be the DM for you.

GM style

I run games with whimsy and a helping of silly and serious - somewhere between Adventure Time and Miyazaki. I'm pretty adaptable and see every game as another learning opportunity. I love roleplay and tend to use character voices as well as music to help set the tone and make the world feel alive. I enjoy designing compelling combat encounters, puzzles, and am always working on improving my craft. I tap into my background as an educator to try to make sure everyone at the table has some space to be in the spotlight and contribute in ways that they find fun and satisfying.

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