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"You can certainly try!" has been my motto from the moment I started gaming, and I mean it. Your character can try anything, although their success is never guaranteed. I've been GMing and playing for 30 years. I'm here to help bring your character ideas to life in any one of the dozens of game systems I'm familiar with. My homebrew campaign setting is a Stempunk Clockwork Fantasy built over the last 10 years. It is full of autonomous steam and clockwork robots as well as wizards, spellwomen, psychics, swordsmen, princesses, gunmen, airship pilots, professors, and shieldwomen. I can run this in a few systems, but current game is using Pathfinder 1st ed. I am also run a Superheroes game using Heroes Unlimited from Palladium. If there's a superhero you like, I can figure out how to build it with this system. I want to run a full table of 4-5 people 5-6 hour sessions (30 mins setup & recap - 4 hours game - 30 mins debrief).

GM style

My style is immersing your character in the world. What world? That's sort of up to you. I've got stories and plots to wrap your character up in for years no matter what kind of game you're looking to play. Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Romance, pretty much anything is on the table within the story to be told. Now, "Who are you?" That's a more interesting question. How do you fit into the world? Are you a master or minion... peasant or princess? Anything is possible with their advantages and disadvantages. Which will it be?

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