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About me

I have been running TTRPG games for over three years, mostly Dungeons & Dragons 5e - though I am eager to try out different systems! I love having a more narrative focused game sessions, but ultimately, I am just the narrator for what my players shenanigans. I try to balance rules as written/intended with rule of cool & narrative fun. I stopped running games for a while to focus on myself for a while, and I am eager to get back into running games again. Yes, I have shamelessly used a photo of one of my player's cat in front of me running a game.

GM style

- I try to balance roleplay/narrative play with game mechanic opportunities - I do not do voices well ^^' - I personally enjoy crunchy tactical combat, but will readily toss that aside for my players that are averse to it - RPG Consent forms from Monte Cook Games will be utilized. - I am willing to learn & run a few game systems I have not tried before, provided my players are patient with me as I learn.


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