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I began playing Dungeons & Dragons in about 1983, it was the height of the RPG Occult scare parents were frantic and the fires from the "Black Tomes" lit the night skies. I lived in a rural community in south Georgia if geography did not make getting into RPGs hard enough the climate of the time did. My friends and I worked ways around this by making our own very basic Role Playing Games using what little knowledge we had of the base game having played with friends who did actually play D&D using the real books. In hind site this "Hardship" most likely is what sparked my active imagination and my on going relationship with various role Playing Systems. I have experience with several Role Playing Systems, Old School D&D, 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D, Shadowrun, Star Wars (West End Games) and D20 System, Call of Cthulhu (1920) Dark Conspiracy, Mythos, and more recently Dungeon Crawl Classics. My games tend to be more Sword & Sorcery and Pulp inspired than a lot of the new stuff seen today.

GM style

I like gritty roleplaying in a tasteful inclusive manner. All are welcome at the table, roleplaying is encouraged bullying and belittling is not.


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