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About me

Hey all! Thanks for your interest in me/my game. I've always wanted to play D&D and my first ever game was actually as a DM, I just fell in love with worldbuilding and creating a story that all players could enjoy! I tend to run homebrew campaigns that are centered around the backstories of your characters so as to make it more of a story for you all rather than just a game that you guys can play. I hope that I can bring great memories to all my players and hope that I can interest you in some good times with some good friends!

GM style

As a GM I absolutely love heavy roleplay and strategic combat. I'm not the best at voicing characters but I try anyways. I always reward really good roleplaying and smart combat choices at my tables to encourage my players to do more. A lot of my homebrew campaigns are written to incorporate your character's backstories into them, as to allow a deeper sense of immersion.

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