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Arwen Undomiel (Chibi)
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About me

Greetings to all fellow tabletop enthusiasts. My name is Arwen. I am a seasoned guide in the vast expanse of TTRPGs for over three decades. My experience spans a myriad of systems and worlds, from the familiar realms of DnD 5e and Dungeon World to the intricate depths of Blades in the Dark and Band of Blades. If you've ever dabbled in older systems such as Changeling: The Dreaming or Mage: The Ascension, you'll find a kindred spirit in me, as I've navigated these landscapes and found. Not to mention, my ventures into the enigmatic Wildsea. My DMing philosophy is rooted in the art of roleplay. While I certainly appreciate the strategic nuances of combat, I believe that the heart of a memorable campaign lies in its unfolding drama, dialogue, and those pivotal moments that stay etched in players' memories long after the session ends. To those in the queer and LGBT+ community, please know that inclusivity is a cornerstone of my table. I invite you to come with your character sheets and boundless imagination, and together, let's craft narratives that are both immersive and unforgettable.

GM style

I love RP heavy games with drama and emotion. I can also have a tremendous amount of fun with a more Terry Pratchett/Discworld type comedy campaign. I do my best with voices. I'm not a pro voice actor and my accents can waver, but the voices help me establish and stay in character for NPCs, as well as just plain being fun to do. I like to spice things up with combat now and again to add stakes to the world and a sense of danger if plans go awry. I am not, however, into murder-hoboing across the world and try to (almost) always have possible a solution that eschews fighting. Some fun risque humor is fine, but nothing too graphic or disturbing. I'm not into roleplaying or describing torture. I strongly believe in respecting players' lines and veils. I want everyone at the table to have fun. Players who are insulting or aggressive toward other players will not be invited back. Most importantly, I want to play games that are truly collaborative storytelling experiences with a fiction and world that feels coherent. I try to incorporate player ideas into the fiction, and always make character backstories a key part of the game. I can come up with a more mainline narrative if that's what the players want, or play pure sandbox if that's the table's preference.

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