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Charles Cowley
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About me

Hello, my name is Charles and I bring an oldschool mindset to modern systems! My first gaming books were the black-cover AD&D 2e reprints, and the pictures within hooked me without remorse. Since then I've journeyed far and wide, and explored countless systems only to find myself right back at D&D. Today I offer several old-school variations of the most popular game, as well as 5e itself. I will provide an adaptable experience to what you and your group want and need! šŸŽ™ļø Radio voice actor, ready to bring characters to life in the game! šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø Decades of experience, including both play-by-post and live games, with a specialty in OSR-style games. šŸ”ļø Brings real-life adventure experience into my games for an immersive narrative. šŸ”„ Master of dungeoncrawls in all systems.

GM style

What to Expect āš–ļø A balance between roleplaying and roll-playing. šŸ‘Øā€āš–ļø Neutral referee who prefers intuitive rulings to strict rules. šŸŒŽ Living world with random encounters and vivid environments. šŸ‰ Challenging combats with life-or-death stakes! šŸŒˆ Intentionally inclusive. My Game Style Combat: šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ’ šŸŒ“ šŸŒ” šŸŒ• Explore: šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ’ šŸŒ“ šŸŒ” Humor: šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ’ šŸŒ“ šŸŒ” Puzzles: šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ’ Social: šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ’ šŸŒ“ šŸŒ” Romance: šŸ„±

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