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Literally introduced my parents over a D&D game. I play because each time I sit down, it feels like picking up my favorite stories with my favorite people, and I want to share. Stories are explorations. The worlds they create are as unique as each explorer. When these worlds are shared, truth is found. Your Story calls. How will you answer? All new players welcome! No Sheet? No dice? No Problem! I have material to help every step of the way, and the online tabletop I use makes sure you don't miss a bonus action.

GM style

"The dark hall stretches on in front your group; the uncountable pointed doorways reminding you of so many teeth as castle Ravenloft threatens to swallow you all. Flashes of lightning create wicked shadows, never the same, and somehow always growing. Peals of thunder take turns snarling in rage and cackling laughter of hauntingly familiar voices. A blinding crash shatters a window at the far end, blasting masonry into the air. Rain and debris catch on an invisible figure as laughter fills the hall. Strahd steps forward. His invisibility dissipates. Let's see who goes first; roll for initiative." I've sat with many groups, and one of my favorite reasons I play is that every table is different. I pride myself on my ability to modulate my gameplay to suit the group. I've specialized my intro material to get to the heart of what's fun about D&D to you. That being said, there are table rules I will layout as baseline: Tolerance at ALL times. When playing with others, we all agree to play with respect, consent, and communication. Ask me for examples, I have horror stories. Respect: We will calibrate party dynamics up front, and I actively check in with each party member to mediate. Any issues that come up are handled openly and honestly with respect to those involved. That being said, your party's 'normal' is anything your group agrees to up front. (you'll see what I mean when you get started on the session zero stuff) Consent: This means nothing is done to a Player that goes against what they have agreed to ahead of time WITH DM KNOWLEDGE. That being said, my session zero material directly address the kind of interactions the party is okay with. Communication: I am here to make the game the best we can make it together. Bring any dissatisfaction to me, and I'll handle it with courtesy and professionalism. If inter-party arguments come up, I will always work toward the best resolution for the group the same way. We're here to have fun together.


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