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Charalampos "Call me Babis" Koundourakis
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Charalampos "Call me Babis" Koundourakishe/him

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About me

Hi all, Charalampos here (but call me Babis, it's the easier one). I'm a half Greek, half Irish videogame developer based up in Scotland. Nearing a decade now I've been playing (mostly running) tabletop games starting from D&Ds 4th edition, now mainly playing 5e (and often dipping my toes in other systems, daring I know). I've run two over two yearlong involved campaigns, about ten shorter ones that spanned months and more one offs that a sane person could count to. It’s the one thing I will never get tired of doing and I delight into showing others the wonders of tabletop games. My favorite part of running games being when you can interweave a player’s backstory into the world around them, making the stakes personal and the tales more real.

GM style

Challenging combat encounters ⚔️☠️🏹 Engaging NPCs & Cinematic storytelling 🎭👿 Character backstory interweaved into the larger narrative🧶📔 I delight into letting players shape a narrative and a world as much as possible (while maintaining a sense of realism) and seeing how it will evolve. This means that I take great care in making sure the players backstory, the who they are, is tied into a world thus making them a concrete part of it. I also really love combat! Combat where there are terrifying creatures and amazing abilities, combat where the ground is unstable or the cave is flooding. Combat combat combat. Without high stakes you don't get great victories. Stick with me, we'll get both! Combining my love of story and love of mechanics means that the game is able to adapt and change to your actions For longer running campaigns I'm quite keen to run a campaign page so things like session recaps, important dates and the like are saved. Here's an example: I mostly run D&D 5e but dabble in other editions, blades in the dark and more. Expect my games to feature interesting worlds, fantastic tales and dynamic combat!


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