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Samuel Foreman
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Samuel Foreman

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About me

In college I made my own table top adventure game, Chaotica. Everyone told me it was like D&D, which I tried years later, but still prefer my own creation. Now I'm here with Chaotica transformed into a spreadsheet that lets me create maps, characters, factions, lore, branching story lines, and more with the push of a button. Chaotica may be right for you if you want: -Combat that doesn't last forever and a story that moves forward with a regular pace -To play in open worlds without railroading while also maintaining a good story structure -Easy to learn games that don't get hung up on rules and focus on story -To use an RPG to learn a second language (English or Spanish) -To use an RPG to write a novel, with an experienced writer to help you work things out -Procedural stories created just for you -Fast and interesting one-shots that can easily evolve into larger games if desired -Chapter based campaigns that can be replayed to get different endings. -Did I mention that I encourage you to research your own spells? What you will *not* see in my games: -Lots of pretty maps and artwork. Hard to produce on the fly. -Published scenarios and campaigns from D&D and other systems. I can imitate them though, if you like. FATE appears quite similar to Chaotica. -Voice acting. I can do it, but it's better when I don't.

GM style

My system largely defines my style, so I love to watch people explore the worlds that I build, in every sense of the word. I'm always adding on to my system and trying new things. I enjoy creating the world alongside players, and discovering it with them. I'm big into storytelling and fast but structured improv using my legion of spreadsheet formulas. The combat system is very flexible, and can be anything from a story-like "choose your own adventure" style, to a more dice and status effects style. I don't usually use hitpoints, but I can if it makes you feel more comfortable. As the name implies, I thrive on chaos. I also really get into world building, and have systems to build worlds and stories in seconds. Maybe someday I'll turn it all into an app, but for now, you can get the personal treatment with me.

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