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Howdy players, welcome and yes, my name is actually Chancellor. It is not a simple product of egomania. I have lived, breathed, and become obsessed with DnD for over six years now and wouldn't want it any other way. After my second session of being a player at my local game store I knew that being the Dungeon Master is what I always wanted. Me and three of my friends knew none of the rules, printed out character sheets, and got all the rules wrong, rolled stats wrong, and had the time of our life going through a simple cave. Jokes like Kraken and Dumplings and powerful items like the Dagger of Greed have stuck with me for years. I then chose to spread my love for this game to my entire group of friends and joined a club in my school to keep playing. I have introduced over 30 people to this game in my small town and when I went to school at OSU, I continued introducing the game to people. At my height I was running 4-5 sessions a week, as I had found my passion. After many trials, errors, and sessions I Have become very pleased with the quality of my campaigns. Next up, my hobbies and inspirations. I love researching history, language learning/making, film making, HEMA, map making, game design and writing. I also go to the gym, but I doubt DnD has inspired that. I have worked at an elementary school as a Paraprofessional and find it to be an extremely fulfilling job. Cerebral movies are underrated, like Interstellar or Inception. Quintin Tarantino is the best director, don’t @ me. Biggest Inspirations: -Brendan Lee Mulligan and Dimension 20 -Critical Role - Seth Skorcowsky - Matt Colville - Dungeon Craft - Bob the Worldbuilder - Esper the Bard Over many years of playing, in dozens of different styles and settings I have finally landed into a style. I run a game that is internally consistent, NPCs are real people (they may be goofy, but always real), and good/bad consequences are omnipresent. NPCs have goals, they will lie and scheme, and should feel alive. Alliances and enemy factions are huge part of the game. Who you betray will remember, and so will their known and unknown allies. Player cleverness and creativity will always trump any rule a system has at my table. If you throw away opportunities, make enemies wherever you go, make fun of nobles in their presence, and Leroy Jenkins yourself into ever room, then you will struggle. Don't get it twisted, don't feel the need to tap every square on a dungeon floor checking for traps or head on a swivel at a Harvestal festival (Unless you have committed adultery with the village elder's wife). Choices should matter and I expect my players to take that to heart. I love doing backstory sessions and solo sessions where characters go on personal quests with a retinue of their followers. Most of all, I expect my players to change my world. I have players uproot and create their own political regimes, join or created mage cabals, and interact with PCs across games. I still have to harass my friend who lives states away about what his character does, as he led a rebellion and became a king. That being said, I tailor my game to my players, if I have a group who loves looting dungeons and just rolling dice, then we do. Want to play a group of friends trying to graduate a wizard college? Sounds kickass to me! Nothing takes precedent over anyone's fun. I try hard to cultivate a safe table, when things get heavy, we have safety tools, and if there is ever a problem player, things will be quickly dealt with. Overall, I hope that we can have some adventures that are legen, wait for it.. DAIRY and stories to tell till we all end up in Desolation.


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