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Hey there folks! My name is Lynx and I've been playing TTRPGs for about 6 years and I've run them for about 5, including some of my home games that I've run across years. I'm currently in the last few semesters of my studies in Marine Biology, but my passions extend further than that. I like to bring a vast amount of historical and ecological knowledge to the table, making cities and societies extremely diverse and fun, but placing just as heavy of an emphasis on nature and exploration. I like to focus on making a fun and connected story for each and every one of my players, attempting to seed your backstories into the game and make you feel immersed and connected to the campaign. If it's a fight against a Red Dragon, a parlay with Royalty, or even a leisurely walk through a city park, if it's part of our campaign, I'll be sure to make it as enjoyable as I can. I'm very much a fan of the "Rule of Cool" as some people have called it, but always with a twist. If a player wants to use "Detect Poison and Disease" to some effect not normally allowed but gives a great explanation and an even better reason in roleplay, I will 1000% say yes. That being said, I love shenanigans in my games as I find they give it life and energy, but I do try and keep it to a time and place, making sure that we have equal chances for fun and silliness, as well as for seriousness. To delve into my background a bit, I originally come from a place where diversity and individual representation tend to be suppressed, so I deeply understand these issues on a personal level and I can assure every last player that my table will be welcoming and your views and identity as a player and as a character will be represented. I've played a few different games and ran a few as well, but I'm always looking to expand my repertoire. These games include DND (5e and 3.5e), Ryuutama, and Monster of the Week

GM style

>>Right now, I'm only running DND 5e Games to focus on improving myself there<< Collective storytelling is my priority in my games, I love adapting to what my players want, need or request and crafting that into the best possible experience for my players. Mechanics are important to me, but I love using them as "just a framework", tending to not get bogged down in the thick of them and allowing my players a large amount of leeway with what they want to do. I like to emphasize creative non-combat solutions but make sure that combat is fun and engaging if the party deems it necessary, That being said I tend to love changing things around and improvising responses and situations to challenge my players. SOME OF MY BIG TENANTS OF RUNNING TTRPGs; I believe that roleplay should be casual, fun and allowed at all times during my games. I believe that combat should be difficult but always have solutions. As adventurers, many random encounters should be relatively quick and easy, however. In accordance with the above, I believe that almost every combat encounter should have a "way-out" that is non-violent and that it is the player's duty to find a way out if they want to. Finally, I believe the biggest tenant is it should be oriented and fun based on MY PLAYERS' desires. If a player isn't enjoying something or thinks that either I or another player has crossed a line of comfort, I always always want my players to reach out to me and inform me. To me, the game is only fun if the players have fun. I am happy and willing to run a homebrew game in a world that we, as a group, will create. The only requirement for that is a creative mind willing to help and accept other people's ideas and criticisms. I also run published & playtested modules for 5e, both by WOTC and by 3rd Party Publishers, but oftentimes look for additional things to add to them (Such as adding "Frost Checks" to see how you all fair during travel through Icewind Dale).

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