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I'm not the most ancient and grizzled DM that you might find out there, but I do like to believe that I offer more of a personal touch than others might. Nothing is more important to me than making sure that your characters truly feel like they belong in the world we are experiencing and creating together. Their history and the worlds will intertwine to the point where you can play your character with a confidence that you might never have in the past. I don't want to run games that pit the DM against the players. We are a team, and we are joining each other to tell a story that is gripping and satisfying, and maybe sometimes a little silly, but one that will ultimately feel worthwhile to everybody involved. Backing up ever so slightly, I'll cover the basics. I'm Marc (he/him) and I've been playing (but mostly DMing) since I was about 18 years old. I've been all over the US but currently I'm stationed on the west coast. I say stationed because it is worth mentioning that I am in the military, and thus travel a fair amount. Rest assured though, DnD is something that it gives me great pleasure to make time for and it honestly keeps me sane. I'm recently engaged to my favorite player in the world, and my fiance and I live happily with our two dogs and cats. Don't worry, if we play together and you ask nicely (or don't openly refuse) you'll get plenty of pictures of all the fur babies. I do love Critical Role and Dimension 20 (among other live plays) but I do think I try to have a style all my own, rather than trying to mimic other DMs. I primarily use FoundryVTT for my games, have access to all character creation tools on DnD Beyond, am subscribed to a sizable chunk of Patreons which supply beautiful maps and music, and am always happy to work together with my players to make the game work for them, including some homebrew fun. Let's make some magic together.

GM style

In case it wasn't clear, in my opinion the story comes above all else. So it won't come as a shock that roleplay is very important to me. Some of the best sessions I've ever run mostly involved the party sitting around a campfire, talking and getting to know each other and forming bonds. So expect plenty of social scenarios that give plenty of opportunity to talk your way out of (or into) trouble. That doesn't just mean the character with the highest Charisma score is going to do all of the roleplaying. I'd love everybody to be involved as much as they feel comfortable. You don't need to have a voice/accent for your character or even to roleplay in the first person to be a part of my games. You just have to be invested in the story and willing to try your best for the sake of making sure that everybody is having a good time. I do try to come up with plenty of lore for my homebrew worlds, which is what I prefer running. That means tons of history for the setting, the gods, the different kingdoms/races, etc. I do this not only to help myself flesh things out, but also to try and make it easier for the players to immerse themselves in the world and get into character. Now of course this isn't to say my games are without combat and exploration. I create worlds full of magic and danger and shady figures out there seeking to cause trouble, and sometimes the only way they'll listen is at the end of a sharp blade. I want things to be a fair challenge for the party, so don't expect every encounter to be a walk in the park. At the same time, it is not my explicit goal to try and kill the party at every turn. The key is balance and talking things through as a group to make sure everybody's expectations are clear on just how difficult of a campaign things are going to be. My games are inclusive, LGTBQ+ friendly, and I've got a zero tolerance for anybody who treats somebody else as lesser for who they are.

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