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About me

Popular or unpopular opinion, I don't really care, but I believe that Dungeons and Dragons is a game that anyone, and I mean Anyone, can enjoy. If you aren't already, maybe you just haven't found the right party for you to join. Some are in it for the combat, some for the role-playing, others simply to crack a laugh. But what if it's all there? What if an adventure, is more than just a game? The story's there. We just have to unravel it. Let it affect us and leave our minds wandering. As a writer, I've always found myself running my D&D games in a way that lets the story be driven by the characters in it, making the players feel like everything they do, actually matters. No character should ever be the same as when they started their adventures. So? What do you say? Are you in? Join a game today!

GM style

I indulge in heavy role-playing and always try to stay in character to try and infuse life into the fantasy world. I prefer showing, rather than telling. A character, whether it is a friendly NPC, or a monster that cannot speak Common, must always have their own voice. And for that, I'm there to act on it. Maps, tokens, effects, musical backgrounds and ambience fill my sessions to make you feel like the hero (or villain) you started out playing. Most of my adventures take place in a 'Sandbox' type world of my own making, called the Spiral, but I have delved into the official stuff too multiple times. I love all-out combat as much as a sneaky heist into a treasure vault that remains unnoticed. I always try to create a sort of 'cinematic' effect to my descriptions, something to stick with you, long after the session's over.

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