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About me

I have played TTRPGs for several years now. I started as a player back in the 1990's with D&D Basic, moving on to AD&D 2E soon afterward. I have DM'd games in 2E, 3E, 3.5E and 5E D&D. I am also looking into playing and running games in Everyday Heroes, both their Cinematic Adventures and in a homebrew one, the new Marvel Multiverse 616 system, and a willing to learn any game to if enough people are interested. Currently I'm most comfortable running a game in D&D 5E or in Everyday Heroes, but I'm expanding my GM experience with other systems. I like to teach people the game and tend to tailor my games for new players. Chaos tends to rule the day when I'm running a game and try to make a good balance between rules as written and the "rule of cool."

GM style

My style is generally a balanced mix of "Rules as Written" with "Rule of Cool." I usually try to follow the rules so that players new to the game can learn the basics and still have fun, but if a player comes up with something that sounds cool and good for Role Play, I usually allow it. I try to use character voices for some of the major NPCs. I tend to tailor combat to the level of experience of the players. For players who are more experience I tend to run some pretty crunchy tactical combat, but for new players I tend to put combat in easy mode until the players are more comfortable.


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