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About me

Welcome adventurer, you must be tired, please come and sit. The tea will be ready in a moment or I have ale if you prefer something stronger. I'm glad to see you've made it this far. This is the waypoint, something of an in-between space. Think of it like a stepping stone for you, or perhaps it's more like a road. It is something to bring you from one grandiose adventure to the next. Just beyond that door in front of you lays your next adventure. Here in lies my problem, if you go through that door you will find a vast world. You see, I paved all these roads but if no one walks them. Well, then they serve no purpose. Sure, I've built and created many things past that door, from cities nestled in mountains, lush forests brimming with life, great rivers that feed into oceans, and I named this world Vastarra. Nevertheless, what good is a song that can only be heard by the one who wrote it? I learned a few years ago that on my own I could only make this world so big. All of this to say, this is my world but I'd love it if it was yours too. Together we could create a world that not only grows but is forever changed by the actions of each adventure that walks its roads. Perhaps your actions lay the road for the next adventurer, your words could lead to the construction of a great city or to the fall of one. So what do you say? Would you shape history with me? Would you breathe life into this world, explore its seas, or conquer the beast who roams its wilds? Regardless if you step through that door, the world on the over side will be forever changed. Welcome home adventure, this is the world of Vastarra.

GM style

My DM style focuses on roleplay and exploration. Narrative and roleplay opportunities are driven through the use of engaging combat. My goal when GMing is to provide my players with as much autonomy as possible. When I GM, your choices matter. The things your character does will affect and shape the world around you. Amidst this, I often create spectacles in my games using inspiration from pop culture or other pieces of my favorite works of fiction. If you like how that sounds, I'd be honored to be your GM. OH, one other thing, whatever happens. This world will forever be changed by your actions. Welcome home adventure. This world needs you.

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