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About me

If you're looking for a GM who: -accidentally wrote a 17 page screenplay as a throwaway joke -uses PC playing styles as inspiration for plot lines, NPCs, mechanics, and encounters that will make both GM and PC excited for every session -borrows, adapts, and develops communication styles and tools to keep the table safe and healthy for all players, and who wants to build and protect a creative place that is inclusive of your identity and way of life -wants to invite you to co-create the initial setting and continuously invite you to contribute to the ongoing world-building, all with no pressure for you to say yes -wants to homebrew your ideas and wants to tempt you with my own homebrew creations (does an Elementalist Class for 5e sound intriguing?) ...then I might just be your new favorite stranger on the other side of the internet.

GM style

I love hearty roleplay, quick or crunchy combat, character creation, quippy dialogue, getting into a character voice, bouncing of the energy of the other players, building maps, exploring regions, character creation, plot twists, and character creation, among other things. Liking so much about TTRPGs allows my GM style to naturally adapt to the table, focusing on the aspects of our playing styles that we share in common and the aspects that compliment each other. I enjoy a good one-shot, but my heart longs for a good longform campaign. I have a keen desire to both deliver the things you already know you like and to present you with something new and exciting. My tables abide by what I call Fun & Only Fun TM, a tapestry of safety tools and communication patterns woven together to address and resolve any significant negative experiences in an attentive and caring manner. We don't "just walk it off" or "suck it up" at my table... we talk about it, we share experiences with the group so that the group awareness can lend comfort or help to the situation, we move forward with a considerate plan of action, and we play life-giving games. Play is a human need, so let's learn to play well.


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