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Eliza Jo

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

Heya! My name is Liza, I'm a trans, neurodivergent, game designer and writer. I've been playing TTRPGs since before I knew what a TTRPG was. My first ever dungeon, I drew in crayon on the walls my parents stairwell. But in 2013ish, I learned about D&D, and I've been playing or GMing a game of some kind nearly weekly ever since. While I started playing in 4e, I've mostly used 5e, and other small homemade systems. I've played up to level 20 in 5e D&D, and run everything from oneshots to multi-year games.

GM style

My specialty is educating new players, I've run several year long campaigns with brand new players, all people who had never even heard of Dungeons and Dragons before then. I have a background as an educator, so simplifications and clear explanations are second nature to me. After that, where I really shine is my improv and writing. I spent a year doing weekly practice for an improv troupe (separate from my weekly RPGs), and have been writing short stories and microfiction for several years. I am very detail oriented when it comes to writing lore, no matter how significant it is. My personal world has around 15000 words of random assorted details, and I would only consider it about 10% done! Lastly, I love experimenting with mechanics, because it gives me a better sense of how systems work under the hood, so I've designed several lite RPG systems with odd and unique mechanics just to see if they would work. Because of this, I've got a strong mechanical understanding of every system I've used in the past, and I pick others up very quickly.


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