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Bryan Stafford

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Highly rated for: Knows the Rules, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

Hello! I'm Bryan. I'm disabled veteran and I love playing tabletop RPGs. I started playing back in 2003 with D&D 3/3.5. I'm most experienced in D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1e. Although, I have run 5e games, Witcher TTRPG, and Star Wars Force and Destiny. I like to run official published and 3rd party content. Among my favorites are Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (3.5 version of Curse of Straud) and The Sunless Citadel (Excellent new player module). Occasionally, I will run homebrew campaigns with sandbox style play. I primarily use Fantasy Grounds and Discord for play sessions. I have the highest tier of Fantasy Grounds purchased so that all my players can use the free version if they wish.

GM style

I love every facet of role-playing. I do voices and play music. I am known for challenging combat and realistic encounters. A pack of wolves probably won't attack a group of players and will most likely run away and a group of thugs might not always want to kill the players. Over my years of playing and DM'ing I have found methods that can increase immersion of the players. For instance, I will make hidden rolls for players to limit metagaming and make it more immersive when they are trying to figure out why they aren't feeling so good and running a fever instead of asking for a constitution saving throw. I am also very versatile. Just because we might be playing a module doesn't mean things can't go off script. This often leads to opportunities to play the game in ways I haven't thought of before.

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