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About me

No cool origin story about how I have been an avid TTRPG fan for decades, or how I've played every edition of D&D, or how a one-armed NPC killed my family and now I obsessively play hoping to stumble across him again to get my revenge. No sir, here you'll find a simple man who believes in the transformative power of throwing clicky-clacky little rocks with numbers on them. I wasn't introduced to TTRPGs or D&D until my early-20s, but as a lifelong gamer and fantasy/sci-fi lover, the hobby was an easy fit. After taking a hiatus for a few years, I came back to D&D after the release of 5E as a player. Within a few short months I knew I wanted to try my hand at GMing, as my passion truly lay with coming up with interesting and engrossing stories, characters, and mechanics. After plucking up the courage to run my first one-shot, I have never looked back.

GM style

As a GM I believe that every game should be tailored to what the players' preferred styles of play are. No two games or campaigns I run will ever be the same, even if they are pulled from identical source material. That being said, some commonalities between games I run are: 1) A focus on not just balancing the "3 pillars of adventuring" (combat/exploration/social interaction), but ensuring that each style of gameplay reinforces the others. I make sure that decisions made while exploring affect upcoming social interactions, or that social interactions affect the size and scope of upcoming combat encounters. My goal is to ensure the 3 pillars support one cohesive structure, instead of feeling like switching between three separate games. 2) A focus on integrating homebrew and custom-made content that reflects or reinforces decisions or interactions made by the players. I am an avid homebrewer and love integrating new mechanics/rules/items/subsystems into my games. However, I do not think every game needs to have every piece of additional content under the sun included in it; a game focused on tense political intrigue probably doesn't need a complicated monster harvesting mechanic, nor does a horror-survival game need intricate rules for sailing. I believe every piece of homebrew content is a tool that can be utilized for a specific job, while including unnecessary content merely bloats and slows a game down. 3) A focus on soliciting player feedback and integrating that into the game as much as possible. Aside from wanting to ensure that people paying for my services are receiving exactly what they want out of one of my games, I believe that dialogue between the players and GM allow for more engaging and personally interesting experiences for everyone involved. If any mode of play, story beat, homebrew mechanic, etc. is not of great interest to the players, there is no reason to keep it in the game. Similarly, if any one of those things is especially interesting to the players, then the game's focus should be shifted to reinforce that. Also, the non-negotiable rules of EVERY one of my games is that they are inclusive, respect all content requests both in and out of game, and ensure that all players feel comfortable at the table. These rules are regardless of players/style of play/setting/rules/etc.

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