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Broadaxe (David Cole)

2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Creativity, Knows the Rules, Inclusive

About me

Hello, I am Dave. I go by “Broadaxe” or “Daveind” in the game world. I have enjoyed role playing games as a player since the early eighties. I have experience with a variety of rulesets including Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition through the current 5th edition, Warhammer, Star Trek, DC Adventures, and Pathfinder 2E. About 35 years ago, I started Game Mastering off and on as a hobby but struggled to balance my professional life as a High School Teacher - Band Director with the free time required to GM long term. Now that I have retired as a teacher, I look forward to hosting games regularly full time. This is something of a dream for me and I am so excited to share my love of role playing games, the fantasy genre, and group story telling with new friends. My experience teaching young people has helped me develop an accepting and patient demeanor as a game master. My experience as a musician has always focused my thoughts on artistic ideas and expression. My years as a band director has provided me with the ability to organize complex events then perform and deliver content while staying flexible enough to allow the game participants to lead the dialog and direction of my campaigns. I believe highly in keeping things light and player focused. After all, this is just a game to be enjoyed together and a story to create as a group. I have a good knowledge of and several years experience using Fantasy Grounds VVT. I have used many different virtual chat/video rooms to host games and I have used Discord for in game communication for years. Syrinscape and other multimedia tools are always part of my campaigns. I hope to keep our games unique and interesting each and every time we meet.

GM style

There are three equally important parts to table top roleplaying games. Roleplaying, Combat, and Exploration. I try to maintain an equal balance of the three. I also believe in player agency. Your story will begin in your back story. As a group, we will tell a unique story in which the players take the lead. Just keep in mind that every action causes a reaction. I love playing in the "Sandbox" style. I am no rule lawyer but I am a good adjudicator of curcumstances. Basically, as the GM I will provide you with challenges that are based in the rules and reward your creativity as the encounters unfold, then mediate your ideas through the game mechanics. You will find me laid back and motivated to make your experiences memorable and fun.

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