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About me

You shove against the stiff wooden door, slowly sliding it open as it stands uncaring of your struggles. The door slowly budges and reveals a dimly lit room beyond. The crackle of a fire fills your ears and the smell of bread makes your stomach grumble. You only now realize just how long it has been since you last ate. The warmth of the fire calls you into the room as the door shuts behind you. A man sits at a table in the middle of the room. He beckons to the chair across from him and bids you to sit. The mead and bread already prepared to bring you forth as if pulled by an unseen force, unable to resist... Hail and well met, adventurer. Welcome to the Brighthall Tavern! Whether you are looking to fight a horde of goblins 20 feet above the ground on a perilous rope bridge, explore the tallest mountains, or parlay with kings to stop the coming wars.. or all of the above, I will be your guide on those journeys. My name is Josh and I have been running and playing in Tabletop Roleplaying Games for about 15 years. Over this time I have run games in a number of different systems and worlds and have gained a love for creating and crafting stories that bring joy to those around me. There is nothing quite like seeing a group overcome a particular challenge and come out the other side exhausted, but excited and ready to take on the next adventure! So, if you’re wanting to get out there and explore new worlds, battle creatures from your darkest dreams and defend the innocent from the evils of the world join me at the table and let’s tell some stories! I run an inclusive LGBTQIA+ friendly table and do not support bigotry in any form. If you are looking for that sort of thing in your games, this table is not for you.

GM style

Game Style - I try to find a balance between roleplaying, combat and exploration (which can sometimes be hard with systems like 5e). If a group prefers one or the other though I can really focus in and make it a game about what the group wants. Combat Style - When it comes to combat I prefer fun combat to super crunchy fare. If you're looking for a gamemaster who will be an expert tactician 100% of the time.. I am not that. I try and roleplay the decisions that the enemies will make and I think I do a pretty good job of that. I like to get really into the descriptions of what is happening in combat and describe each round as deeply as I can. Voices - I'll be honest, I do my best. I'm really good at -voices- but have a REALLY hard time with accents. I'm just not very good at them and they end up sounding forced and end up causing more disruption at the table due to laughter than some scenes benefit from (some this is great and I do it on purpose). Roleplay Style - It really depends on what the group wants in this case. If the group wants to sit down and roleplay out every interaction with full dialogue I am all for it, if a group or a player would rather narrate their characters' decisions and conversations I am also here for that. We will either figure this out in Session 0 if you know what you want or we'll figure it out as we play! Strictness to System - I try and hew pretty close to RAW. That said, I FIRMLY believe in the rule of cool and will gladly throw the rules out when necessary to achieve that. I also try not to make my players roll when unnecessary. If it's a cool thing that should happen and there is no real need for stakes - sure you succeed. That said if we're in a tense deep moment there might be a few rolls to keep that tension alive. Hopefully, that fills in the details - if you have any further questions feel free to send me a message, I'm always happy to talk roleplaying games!

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