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About me

I've been a DM/GM for about the last 20+ years. I've played Rifts, Gurps, D&D second edition to 5th. I've ran Pathfinder 1st Ed, Starfinder, DnD from 3.0 to 5. and Star Wars Edge of Empire. First and foremost I am a full fledged geek and nerd and proud of it. I run games with a mix of combat and role-play However if I'm honest I lean towards Roleplay. I like to run high-fantasy epic adventures that players can shape with their actions and decisions. I provide the canvas and your character get to paint it. If you're looking for high-adventure and high fun that's what I aim to provide. I have a low tolerance for any kind of jerk behavior and a very strict D.B.A.D policy.

GM style

My style of roleplay is the slow burn epic fantasy with end of the world stakes. I generally lean towards Homebrew settings that the players can even help forge during session 0. I can attempt voices but I only have about 3 I can do well.

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