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About me

I've been playing various dungeon crawl games and RPGs since I was young, and got into being a game master for my friends in college. I found I had a lot of fun coming up with homebrew ideas and worldbuilding for d20 and other systems based games, and I'm still enamored by over the top creative worlds and alternate histories from games like Exalted and Shadowrun. Unfortunately, adulthood has made it harder for my real life friends to get together for games lately, and all of my Friendly Local Game Stores have closed since 2020. I've been playing TTRPGs for about 25 years, and been a GM for about half as long. I like to run campaigns that change and challenge the listed assumptions about the game worlds as written in player handbooks and monster splats, where I want the players to carve out their own reputations in a world still full of heroes and villains pursuing their own agendas. I like to run games that cater to multiple styles of play, a nice balance of roleplay and combat, as deep into the intrigue of the world beyond as the party cares to travel. My media influences include, but are not limited to: the Stormlight Archive novels, Redwall, the Wheel of Time (my favorite :) ), Avatar: the Last Airbender, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls, the 13th Warrior, Dragonball, and many others.

GM style

I like a mix of social interaction, political intrigue, and straight up monster slaying. I have a personal love of doing various voices for my characters, and making icky monster noises, but that is my own preference and means of getting into character - I do not demand that of my players. I'm happy to have roleplaying of all styles at my table. With combat, I definitely enjoy employing tactical thought with my adversaries, and I encourage my players to do likewise. I enjoy challenging assumptions that players and their characters might have about certain creatures from the monster manual. I like to think I always play fair, and if it seems I am not, it is often a hook for something the players can and should investigate further.


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