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About me

Greetings, adventurers! I started playing D&D 5e in 2015 and started DMing a year later. 5e was my first foray into TTRPGs, and I was immediately entranced. I have since switched to GMing Pathfinder 2e and have become borderline obsessed. I have been GMing for roughly 2 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I participated in the Pathfinder2e subreddit's Beginner Box Day and ran five sessions for 22 different players. Since then, I have run the Beginner's Box a dozen more times for an additional 60 players. If you are new to the system, I can guarantee that it is unlikely that any other GM has the experience that I have with new players.

GM style

I am a very over-the-top kind of GM. To give an example, for my home games I have a ceiling mounted projector that points down onto a white conference table so I can provide my players with the best quality maps. I also have two 3D printers that I use to print too many miniatures and terrain, which I use to help further immerse my players into the game.  This does not stop just because I am running something online. Online I use Foundry to run my games with the best possible experience in mind. I use a variety of modules and additional programs to allow for constant music to set the scene and ambient sounds of creatures, machinery, and nature to help players feel like they are truly in the scene. I also use animated maps, tokens, and spell effects to make the battle feel like it is actually occurring in front of the players. As for gameplay, I am able to run games for whatever best suits what the group is looking for. I have run megadungeons with a primary focus on combat. I have run gritty, underdark survival games. I have run games that could go a session or two without combat because that is what the players were seeking at the time. I tailor my games to the players' preferences. 


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