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Hello adventurer! I'm a forever DM with over 20 years experience, and the creator of the 5E setting Braythe: Shattered Realities. As part of the setting, I have released several commercial adventure modules, and an actual play show that is currently being worked on. At the moment, I offer D&D 5E games only. I love playing D&D, and creating a space for players to explore fantastic worlds, experience fun stories and memorable moments. We’ll be playing online sessions via Roll20 and Zoom. Play-by-post campaigns will be played via Discord, with character sheets in Roll20. It’s important for me to create a safe space in my games, and if there’s ever anything bothering you, feel free to talk to me (in between sessions, as well). I also work as a trauma-informed coach, and open communication is very important to me. There's no place at my table for discrimination, harassment or abuse, and any player breaking these rules will be swiftly kicked from the table. My campaigns and adventures offer opportunities for roleplaying, skill challenges, combat and exploration. You can expect me to be reliable, well-prepared, engaged and accountable. If you’re new to playing D&D, I’m happy to help and support you - both before and during the game.

GM style

I am, first and foremost, a storyteller. Your player characters are the protagonists in our collaborative story. This doesn't mean that nothing bad can happen to them, but it means that I am on your side! :-) Actions have consequences, but I also want you to succeed. My games offer a healthy balance between roleplaying, exploration, combat and skill challenges. In my games, I’ll always favor the flow of the story over rules lawyering. I have a few house rules to maintain this flow, make the experience more interesting and create a safe space, but nothing fancy or unusual. I love using character backgrounds. I enjoy weaving a story that doesn’t spotlight any single character too much, while still allowing a very personal, tailored experience. I use milestone advancements, which are handled at the end of a session or adventure.

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