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Brandon Crummy
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About me

Hi there! I'm an Australian-based Gamemaster with backgrounds in acting, writing, voiceover, and years of Dungeons and Dragons experience. When I am not telling stories, my friends can find me streaming on Twitch, working on creative projects and studying!

GM style

I thoroughly enjoy delivering adventures RAW, although that's not to say the infamous "rule of cool" never appears in my games. I'm a big believer in supporting your imagination and improvisation at my table, so if you can reasonably justify an action, I will generally allow a roll. Voices are a big part of my storytelling, and as an actor, I am constantly developing this particular skillset for you, the customer. Each character I experiment with vocally, and try to make each easily distinguishable in tone, manner and accent. When I can't quite get over the line, or the voice needs some flair, I employ Voicemod. Gameplay wise, I try to hybridise roleplay with combat, and at your request with our end-of-game checkouts (aka Stars and Wishes), I can tip the scales whichever way you prefer for your next upcoming session. You can also be rest assured that you're being facilitated by a professional - any conflict at my table is resolved quickly and fairly. Player-focused complaints are handled privately. My approach to providing you with a high quality VTT experience lastly relies heavily on FoundryVTT and TabletopAudio for dynamic lighting, weather, and music; not to mention captivating combat animations!


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