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About me

Hi there. I'm an Australian Game Master operating within Brisbane AEST. I specialise in employing a premium level of improvisation, voice acting, and digital production, skills I have developed through several years as a freelance actor, writer and fantasy hobbyist. When players join my campaigns, I offer clearly defined safety tools, a thorough Discord, and access to custom Foundry servers full of animated special effects, weather and music (the latter provided by TableTop Audio). I strive to provide an engaging game to my players, where there are no barriers to the kinds of imaginative storytelling you can muster, and all identities are welcome. When joining a publicly advertised game, you’ll provided with a comprehensive Welcome Package for Safety Tools, handy information, and gateway links to the community BC | GM Discord and your game links. Before committing to my game, feel free to shoot m a message or check out my YouTube for gameplay samples and promotional material, to see if I’m the right GM for you. I look forward to playing with you in the future!

GM style

My approach to Game Mastering is simple: I love having fun with every aspect of the rolelaying process, the ups and downs, the victories and the loss, and most importantly, you the players. Despite being an online-only GM, I try to be as physical as possible, to set each character apart and push an energy into my games that keeps you engaged throughout every minute of the action. I take great pride in manufacturing visually engaging maps, ambient sounds that make the world feel real and voices that are distinct and recognizable. When managing conflict, I strive to ensure that I am just as accountable as the players, because I am still learning. I regularly reference the source material to ensure a fair experience is always being provided. If safety tools are being ignored by a player, or someone is providing an unfair experience to the rest of the players, I have clearly defined steps to resolve these matters with clarity and equity.


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