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About me

Hello everyone, I am Bolt of Chaos! Tabletop games have been my passion since I was first introduced to them 13 years ago. My start as a DM began about 3 months after being introduced when our DM moved away and I decided, "Well, we can't play without one and I have some ideas." What followed was an amazing journey that led to me being the resident Perma-DM, homebrew crafter, world builder, and eventually server owner of a small gaming Discord group! I love investing my time and energy (and frequently money) into running or creating a game that all of my players can enjoy for months to come! If you want a DM that wants to listen and incorporate your ideas and goals into a game, who is patient and willing to listen and act on any critiques or desires you have, lets talk and get to rolling dice!

GM style

My GM style focuses primarily on roleplay and combat, with a sub focus on character and NPC interactions. I frequently use and design my own battle maps, both for combat and as a visual aid to help everyone get into the world. I encourage my players to roleplay as much as possible, as well as to come out of their shell and be an equal member of the party. On my end I try to engage with character voices and allow my players a greater agency in the story and gameplay. Innovation is rewarded, just because something isn't allowed by the base rules doesn't mean I forbid it, rule of cool/fun comes first most times!


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