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About me

I'm a GM with about 12 years experience running various TTRPGs from small one page indies to ones you know and love - I enjoy anything that allows people to explore and tell great stories. I enjoy nothing better than the feeling of exploring a new space with new people and helping them to tell a story that couldn't be told anywhere else or with anyone else. I have run games that are over in the span of a few hours and those that have run for years and each has been fun and exciting.

GM style

To ensure that you enjoy yourself as much as possible I typically utilzie the following: šŸŽ² Tools for character building, where appropriate, e.g. Pathbuilder 2e. šŸ“” Foundry VTT hosted through The Forge. šŸ’¾ Mods that add 3D dice, animations, automation, and more, as appropriate. šŸŽ¤ NPCs that live and breathe with you. šŸŒ„ Incredible lands, towns, and areas to explore with great description. I'd say my games exist in a space wherein the story being told is one of great people doing great deeds! I want the story that you're telling to be owned by you and your tablemates and be one that couldn't be told elsewhere! I work to integrate the PC backstories and motivations into the overall narrative even when running content published by other people. Roleplaying is such an important part of playing the game and you can expect that I'll be doing my fair share of voices, descriptions, and work to make sure you all feel comfortable engaging in it to as much a degree as you're able. I promise you one thing - no one will look like a bigger buffoon than me while we're playing! Combat is a big portion of some of the games I run and I expect it to be every bit as fun and engaging as the rest of what we do. I aim to remember the narrative flourishes of storytelling don't end because we've called for initiative, but I also have been around the block long enough to know when to pump the breaks and that every arrow doesn't need to be described in excruciating details as it flies from the bowstring and towards a foe. Know that for most of my games I run about 80% RAW, 15% RAI, and 5% Homebrew. That doesn't mean that I'm throwing away the rule book when we sit down - far from it! I just know that some flexibility here and there can ensure that we all enjoy ourselves around the table. Know that I am fair and consistent in my adjudication and always open to feedback when I get things wrong!

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