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Hi everyone. I have played Dungeons and Dragons since I was 10. I hand drew a map of our yard, and placed “chests”, “monsters”, “secret doors”, and so forth with the idea (for my birthday party) that I’d have friends over and we could act it out in lieu of playing the actual super nintendo game. Little did I know this was basically D&D; luckily, my mom somewhat knew/understood the concept of D&D, so she hired a Dungeon Master, and lo and behold a hobby was born! I started with AD&D (2nd edition) and played through the tail end of that until I picked up 3rd edition. (To this day, I greatly prefer the 2nd edition - I still have some of my books!) I had a ~monthly group I played a long form campaign with (I actually was *not* the DM for this campaign; was a halfling rogue) that lasted several years. I did, however, teach D&D to many friends over the years. With the advent of various computer games, (MMOs specifically) my interest in D&D simmered and waned quite a lot through my 20s, but at the start of the pandemic I found myself desiring to play the real thing once more. Fast forward the last ~2 years or so, and at this point I’ve been DMing for more than a full year through Roll20. (I also went through a 2 week stretch of Foundry. Good VTT, just steep learning curve) Over this time frame, I have experience with nearly every WOTC official content. They include (but are not limited to) Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Strixhaven, Curse of Strahd, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, Explorer’s of Wildemount, Call of the Netherdeep, Rime of the Frostmaiden… (List goes on) I also started my own homebrew, set in The Keld. I’ve been someone who has loved games my entire life. I was a professional poker player for a decade, and even wrote a book about it! I’ve been a positive EV Blackjack player, sports bettor, and even held a world champion title in a board game. (And nearly one in a card game…) I’ve played all types of computer games (even a semiprofessional MOBA player, believe it or not); with all that said, I find D&D to be the best of them all. I hope my server, and my games, are able to incorporate social engagement, problem solving, creative thinking, and winning TOGETHER! I’m very happy when I’m DMing; please join me on an adventure :)

GM style

My players find me very kind hearted with a dose of silly. I'm someone who knows RAW incredibly well, but will be incredibly flexible with interpretations, especially if whatever is attempted is delivered with persuasive roleplay. I do not like railroading characters or the party at all. I prefer adventures that are more sandboxy, and decisions that are fluid, creative, and has some semblance of logic. ("What the character would actually do!") After *many* hours with various campaigns, I would rate myself slightly easier than average as far as throwing difficult situations the party's way. I view myself as someone who takes pleasure when characters resolve conflict, eek out victories and triumphs, and share the spotlight.

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