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Chris H.
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Chris H.he/him

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Player for
6 years
GM for
5 years
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22 games

About me

Though I'm only 19, I've honed my DMing skills over the past 5 years nonstop. While I may not match the tenure of many veteran DMs, my strength lies in versatility: from immersive role-playing to action-packed hack and slash. My top priority? Always my players. And every piece of feedback is an opportunity for me to grow.

GM style

My GM approach is grounded in meticulous planning, crafting homebrew content, and allowing players the agency to shape the world. I provide them with a foundational template, and their choices and actions breathe life into it. While I personally design the majority of my maps and battlefields, I occasionally incorporate third-party creations. My style tends toward the serious, offering challenging combat scenarios. Here, party members are treated as individuals, not just central heroes; consequences are real, and impulsive choices can lead to dire outcomes. I emphasize staying in character throughout the session. Any out-of-character inquiries? Please direct them to the OOC text chat on my Discord.


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