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Jerry Blackbird

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Highly rated for: Rule of Cool, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

Hiya! I'm Jerry and I'll be your GM for the night! I started decades ago when I couldn't afford any rulebooks and had only drops of imagination to spare. Back in those days, me and my friends used to create stories boundlessly woven for each other, setting ourselves in the forefront. In games I run, I try to recapture a spark of that childish glee, albeit in a more mature setting and themes. When I don't play with figurines and scream at dice I work in research as a psychologist. I'm an avid writer and a lazy reader and I have a love-hate relationship with my coaches. In my games, I want you to have fun but also feel challenged. I tend to work closely with the players based on their level of familiarity with the given game system. Most of my irl campaigns have been run with newcomers and I'm well-versed in how to pace the exposure to rules so that you don't feel overwhelmed. When working with more experienced players we can jumpstart to the more challenging aspects of the game from the start. After all - there's no sense of victory without going through a notch of strife first. As a former drama kid, I love RP and will provide you with enough space to express yourself. Let's laugh, cry, and escape to a different world together - even if for just a second! See you on the other side. P.S. A former homeless cat officially owns me.

GM style

→ When working on a literary project I tend to prepare an outline of the world and fill it with as many details as possible. Then I create my characters, set them loose, and watch what happens. Our games will be similar, the only difference being that the characters will be yours and you will speak and act through them. This is first and foremost YOUR story. → In my games we always start with the character and I like to spend time with my players to help them create individuals they will be eager to explore for months to come. Characters have fears, hopes, and wishes and they as such serve as the only viable railroads in our collective story. → I prefer to create my own settings, but if I come across some that would be fun for me to run, I dive head first. → I run things by the book, but fun always takes precedence. There are some custom rules which our table will use to enrich our collective experience. → I fill the world with breadcrumbs, stories, and souls. You only discover as much as you want to and there are numerous rabbit holes to get lost in. → The world isn't stale and static - there are no loose ends. If you are deciding between two paths, know that whichever you leave behind will continue on without you. Do you decide to save a burning village instead of slaying wolves in the nearby caves? Prepare to be bitten. → At session 0 I will relay to you my lines and veils so that you know if you are ready to embark on this journey. → Death is always on the table. But before it strikes you have one last chance to save yourself. Hearts. Clubs. Spades. Diamonds.

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