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Chris W.

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About me

I'm a GM of almost 10 years now, and almost my entire time being a TTRPG player has been in the GM/DM seat. I'm proficient in a number of TTRPG systems, having cut my teeth on D&D 3.5 before moving to my primary game choice of Pathfinder 1E. I've also run games for D&D 5e, Mongoose Traveller 2e, Star Wars d20: Saga Edition, and the FFG Warhammer 40k rpgs (primarily Deathwatch). I've also tinkered with writing my own system; I'm currently in the midst of writing a Transformers RPG. I'm also a great "new player" GM, or at least I think so. I've always had one or two players brand-new to the hobby whenever I've played, and they've gone on to play with more groups (or even become GMs themselves). Also, while I myself am not, I wholly support and welcome our LGBT+ and neurodivergent community members! You guys/gals/non-binary pals are safe with me. I'm sincerely looking forward to meeting y'all and hoping to have a great experience here!

GM style

For my game style, while I try to vary my games, I do admit that I am primarilly a combat GM. I love running complex, challenging combats for players that can think creatively in such circumstances. It's always a high when my players figure out an epic strategy to defeat a powerful enemy (ask me about the time my starting Deathwatch Characters defeated a Daemon Prince with nothing but standard issue gear). Beyond that, I also love weaving complex and deep storylines and love seeing the ripples players make in them. To be fair with my flaws, I'm not particularly good with voices, though I am trying to work on that. I also very much have a "type" wherein I am better at science fantasy rather than pure fantasy or pure science fiction, so doing either or without mixing the two is difficult. I like to think I'm always learning something new to incorporate into my games, so no two games of mine are quite the same.

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