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About me

I have 28 years of DMing experience. Based in the Pacific North West (GMT -7) I DM with a mixture of Discord, Avrea, D&D beyond and Owlbear rodeo. I have both my own extensive homebrew collection and a deep knowledge of official WOTC lore.

GM style

I consider games to be 25% mine and 75% the players. I have stories to tell, the world will be extensively fleshed out but ultimately where we go with it is up to you. My players have described me as a high chaos dm. And while I do like to do the unexpected, I also promise that there is a method to the madness. I tend to write sessions in 3 acts with one of the following in each act: An RP opportunity, a combat, an exploration, a puzzle or mini game (of which I've written about a half dozen). I currently have homebrew settings that include various points in early American history including: Roanoke Island, Empire City (New York), An old west/ gold rush setting called Legend and a Pirates of the Puget Sound setting. As for WOTC, I also absolutely love Faerun ("Vanilla" D&D's official setting), DragonLance (Based on D&D novels from the 90's, SpellJammer (D&D in space), Ravenloft (Gothic Horror) and "Extra Planar" campaigns that explore areas beyond D&D material plan (IE: Mechanus, the Shadowfel, the Feywild, etc.)


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