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About me

I have been playing tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) since the end of high school. Once I was in college, I began my journey as a dungeon master. For my friends, I ran three back-to-back homebrew campaigns of Pathfinder 1st Edition that formed a larger story spanning 3 years. Interspersed with this, I began DMing online using services like Roll20, Discord, and Skype to run everything from one-shots to official Pathfinder Adventure Paths. While Pathfinder is my specialty, and I have run many of Paizo’s official games such as Rise of the Runelords, Ruins of Azlant, and Council of Thieves, Lately I have also been running games in the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons 5e. I also love branching out into different directions. I have experience in Vampire the Masquerade, Starfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. Among all of these games, I have DMed a half dozen campaigns to completion, ran numerous one-shots, modules, and short three-session games, and played uncountable hours as both a player and a game master at the tabletop! See my website: for more info!

GM style

As a Game Master I bring a variety of strengths to the table. I love roleplay and strive to include plenty of roleplay along side combat and other puzzle solving situations. Additionally I do enjoy the tactical aspects of TTRPGs like Pathfinder and D&D. My greatest strength as a GM is improvisation. At the core of every game, whether it's a pre-written adventure or homebrew I am happy to embrace the chaos when plans go off the rails. I strive to set that key balance between flexibility and structure to allow players the chance for their own shining creative moments. For video examples of my games check out my website


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