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About me

Hello everyone! My name is Zak, and I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was just a kid, back in the time before the internet. For those few who still remember the old red box, blue box, and so on, these were my introduction to the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game, and I've basically been an addict ever since! As a lifelong fan of D&D, I do sometimes harbor some nostalgia for the older editions. However, I find 5E to be a relative masterpiece in many ways and I'm only running new content (or older content that's been retooled for 5E). I'm also eagerly looking forward to the upcoming new edition. I've been an active Dungeon Master since 1994, and most of that time was spent in a traditional tabletop setting. At the outset of the pandemic, though, our campaign was in danger of falling apart due to social distancing. That is when I made the transition to a VTT. We successfully completed our game, and I've run five additional virtual campaigns in the years since. I enjoy games aside from Dungeons & Dragons, including other RPGs, TCGs, video games, board games, and more, but I'm primarily here for my D&D 5E fix. I hope our adventuring paths cross! What you can you expect in my games? * Published content with some mild homebrew variations * Greater emphasis on story and having fun, than on strict adherence to RAW and the outcomes of dice rolls * Kindness and a safe, inclusive atmosphere NOTE: The profile picture is indeed me, although the image has been heavily filtered to protect some of my privacy, and offer a butch Elvish vibe that I could never manage on my own. Thanks, Snapchat! :)

GM style

As a GM, my primary job is to make sure that the players are having a good time. Communication is the key to ensuring that everyone at the table (virtual or otherwise) is comfortable, relaxed, and having fun. I frequently check-in on the players between scenes, and try very hard to foster a safe, supportive, and engaging environment. My games are typically run from published content with an few homebrew tweaks, and I do use a few minor house rules that I always share during Session 0. That being said, I try very hard to ensure that the "three pillars" - Roleplay, Combat, and Exploration - are represented to some degree in each gaming session, and I'm more than willing to diverge from the published content as needed, to better match the interests and playstyle of the table. I am an amateur voice actor of limited skill, but I always like to put it to good use! When necessity demands, I also make occasional use of voice modulation software to portray key monsters or NPCs. My games feature audio soundtracks and music to help immerse players in the story. I typically don't use a webcam for my games and do not require my players to do so, either.

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