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About me

Hello everyone Matthew here!! Submarine Veteran who has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since high school. I run modules as well as campaigns from my own home-brewed setting of Lantiarne. My favorite Dinosaur is the Triceratops. Because of being in the Navy, I have been all over the world experiencing different places and cultures, and I try to bring some of that to my campaigns. Also if you are looking for an accurate fast past nautical adventure, I'm your guy. I also have a YouTube channel and Tiktok #Bardlingsbanter. Lately I have been producing alot of Dnd themed short stories and narrating them on YouTube, so take a listen if you are so inclined.

GM style

It's all roleplay! Combat is roleplay, jibberjabber talky bits are roleplay. Solving third grade level word puzzles in a dungeon, is also roleplay. As long as everyone at the table is having fun and wants to do it again next week, you're playing Dnd correctly. For a better idea of my narrating style I invite you all to take a look at my YouTube channel Bardlings Banter. Specifically the playlist Bardic Tales, where I read my own Dnd short stories. As for rules, when looking at the balance between rule heavy, vs story heavy I tend to lean more to the side of storytelling. That's not to say rules are not important. Even a sandbox needs boundaries. The rule of cool is definitely a thing at my table. In short we are all here to have fun and tell a story together


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