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About me

Hi, I'm Dash, and these are just some of the things I love about D&D: 🎭Crafting personalities and voices for an array of memorable characters (I'm a professional actor) 🌐Creating detailed, living worlds which adjust to you and your companions' choices 📚Homebrewing new material as your journeys take you into uncharted territory off-module 🧭️Arranging and planning detailed battle maps which encourage your strategic thinking 📖Exploring your characters backstory and weaving it into the overall narrative of the whole adventure As a trained professional actor I have over a decade's experience on stage and camera. I've performed in Shakespearean plays, feature films, and TV shows. I've trained at several high profile institutions in New York City like the Atlantic Acting School, The Barrow Group, Upright Citizens Brigade, and many others. I've learned to use acting systems like Practical Aesthetics, the Meisner Technique, Linklater vocal training, and the Harold system, all of which have deepened my work as a Dungeon Master. As a professional Dungeon Master I've independently run a wide variety of games prior to joining StartPlaying, from corporate team-bonding one-offs to private months-long ongoing campaigns. For a time I was Google NYC's resident DM, where I created a living and reactive world for over sixty players simultaneously. In about half a year I ran well over 100 original, homebrewed games in that world before deciding I wanted to focus on private games where I could guide consistent smaller groups of players through a more satisfying, immersive, and personal narrative experience. I was hooked on D&D the instant I was introduced to it as a 13 year old. Nearly two decades later, I'm still just as fascinated and in love with this game as I ever was. As an avid storyteller, I see D&D as an amazing opportunity to collaboratively tell a story together, one which you might still talk about with your friends years after a campaign concludes - and that's the environment I try to foster.

GM style

My favorite part of Dungeons & Dragons is the storytelling and roleplaying involved. I love creating interesting worlds and dilemmas for players, and inventing memorable NPCs to help deepen those stories for the players at my table. I also love sprinkling these deep roleplaying moments with challenging tactical combat situations, where sometimes the players will find themselves using every resource they have and every ounce of their imagination to defeat the big bad guy they've finally managed to corner. The satisfaction many of my players feel after a hard won battle makes their enjoyment of the continuing narrative that much deeper.

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