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About me

I've been playing D&D and RPG's for over 40 years, most of that time has been spent as a GM. If there has been an RPG made in the last 60 years, then I've played it or GM'd for it, and I have the stories to prove it :D. I've ran both casual games and tournaments at various conventions throughout the southwest. My table is open to anyone regardless of gender, culture or race and as a LGBTQ+ ally I provide an open and inviting table for all who wish to play. I run all types of games and entertain to my players and what they want, but you will find a very good mix of RP, combat and puzzles. I will always work with the players to find out their needs so that everyone gets the most out of playing.. including me! All that said, I love playing RPG's, I love roleplaying and I love creating a living story with the players around me. See you from behind the screen!!

GM style

My normal GM style is about 50/50 on combat and role play, with some puzzles sprinkled in for good measure. I also LOVE a good story that the players participate in and help create, I mean, that is what its all about, right? That being said, I believe a GM needs to be versatile and read the players and what they want/need. I can run a game that is as munchkin and crunchy as anyone would want, or I can spend whole sessions just roleplaying with the characters. Usually, when I set up a game I will say in the intro what type of game it's going to be, giving a percentage of what the campaign or game is going to have in terms of combat and roleplaying.


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