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Hello All, I am a happily married mature Game Master and Role Player over 50 with a family. I have been GMing on and off for the better part of 30 years. Most of my gaming years were Face to Face groups, but as times have changed so has our gaming ways. I have been running games on Roll20 since 2014, and ran two Star Wars campaigns to completion, 3+ years each , and completed a D&D 5th campaign (Tyranny of dragons) over 4 years. I run games on Roll20(Pro Account) and Foundry VTT depending on the System. As a natural progression, having a paid game provides support to my players by allowing game related purchases needed in order to provide a richer gaming experience. The experience I promise to bring are: •Professional, prepared and punctual GM with years of experience managing the table. •Long term campaigns. •Well developed and visually appealing maps or scene artwork. •Fleshed out NPC’s with fleshed out backgrounds. •Ambiance and Audio appropriate for the setting via Kenku-FM or Syrinscape. •Portrait token style. •Discord Server (non boosted) •Paid Modules for Foundry VTT or Roll20 or painstakingly translated -from physical sources for use in VTT environment. My experience ranges in several systems such as: -AD&D 1st, 2nd and 5th. -Pathfinder 2nd -Twilight 2000 1st and 4th, -Cyberpunk 2013, 2020, RED -Rifts -TORG Eternity -Star Wars d6, D20 and FFG -Marvel Champions -Paranoia -Battle Tech Safety tools: Lines and Veils Script changes Scene exit Debriefing LGBTQ+ Ally 🌈

GM style

I am a child from the time of Gygax, Elmore and Franzetta's influence on role playing. I believe in campaigns with narrative stories sprinkled with moments of exhilarating combat. I pride myself on running campaigns at a quicker pace than normal. I keep the story and events centered on the players every session in order for them to feel they have moved the story forward. Sometimes we may have a session with heavy roleplay and skill use. Usually with little or no combat because that's what is required to move the story forward that day. I want players to invest in the game and not what their dice can do. I will always speak in character when possible. I enjoy creating the world for the players with sight , sounds, smells and all the wonderful NPC's i can bring to life. My games tend to have a mix of Combat/RP of 35/65. I love my NPC's and I love seeing the interactions between players and them. I am a believer in "The Rule of Cool". If something is thematically awesome and adds something to the session, I will come up with rules on the fly in order for the player(s) to do what they wish. Rules in the books are more like guidelines I like to drive all over! Show me what you're doing, tell me how you’re doing it. Describe your actions in a roleplay context and I'll make sure you get your shot to pull it off! I am also a firm believer in "Share the Stage", everyone wants to shine and I will do my best to give everyone that chance. Roleplay is paramount with me, not Roll-Play. Our Games will be in Foundry VTT, Roll20 and Discord. I Have used Roll 20 for many years and Is my preferred platform. I only use Foundry VTT for Coriolis and Twilight2000 games. I use Roll20 for any DND, or Star Wars or Cyberpunk RED games. In addition to my previous materials I have delved head long into newer Patreon resources. I do ask all my players to have updated computer systems, fast internet as some scenes have a lot of moving parts and quiet spaces to play in with good microphones. I do not use or require video. My games are about making friends, Tell awesome stories and create memories in another world!


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