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About me

Hello and well met! I have been playing TTRPGs for over a decade, with the majority of that time spent as the Game Master. I'm all about grounded, story-driven games, with a focus on gritty fantasy. My passion for history and movies shines through in my adventure writing, promising a realistic and cinematic experience. My tenure as a in-house GM in my local game store has given me the skills to adeptly guide groups with differing backgrounds and gaming experiences. Seeking to further share my craft, I'm here to offer top-tier entertainment that only TTRPGs can provide. May the dice roll in your favor, and I'm excited for the chance to have you at my table! ----- What is Freelancer? Freelancer is a gritty high fantasy setting that seamlessly blends magical elements with real-world history. It stands as an anthology campaign, consisting of multiple standalone one-shots that are interconnected by the setting rather than a continuous storyline. While each one-shot is designed to be enjoyed independently, players who invest in a single character are rewarded with canonization. Their deeds will be chronicled and displayed for other players to witness, creating a rich tapestry of interconnected narratives within the Freelancer universe. ----- To see the complete one-shot catalogue, check out the link below:

GM style

My approach as a GM is guided by the Rule of Cool and Rules as Intended. I prioritize creating scenarios that actively involve players in the narrative rather than just having them observe it. This involves encouraging and challenging their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. This approach results in dynamic, memorable stories, creating a space where everyone can share in the excitement of the adventure.

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