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Hi TTRPG fans Ashwin here! I'm an Australian based Gm. I've been playing ttrpgs for 15 years and have been a Gm since the release of the second edition of Pathfinder. During this time, I've played multiple different TTRPGs including DnD5e, Starfinder, Traveller, Alien and Pathfinder1e but I always end up back with my favourite system Pathfinder2e. If your completely new to TTRPG, wanting to try out a new system, a Pathfinder2e veteran or anywhere in between reach out and I look forward to guiding you through an unforgettable adventure. One of my players is currently streaming an Abomination Vaults game I'm running. If you are interested in seeing one of my games take a peak: But don't watch more then a session or two so you don't get spoiled on the adventure path if you would to play it! You can also take a look at this interview that the same player asked me to be a part of

GM style

I'm here to guide you but the dice tell the story. I love the tactical combat of Pathfinder2e while also enjoying roleplay to really bring depth to the characters and world.

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